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Paul Normandale's stupendously subtle lighting, a perfect visual accompaniment to the rarefied proceedings. Antony bowed out to a standing ovation, and the audience left with a profound sense of connection to a world that was not as theirs.

Normandale's singular ability to discern what each performer would like to convey onstage has made him one of the most sought-after designers in the current touring industry

However, in his characteristic low-key fashion, Paul Normandale - who I know would visibly cringe at being tagged ‘legendary' even though he's one of the great innovators of the genre

but this is quite the most beautifully lit gig you could wish for....The Times

The stakes are always high when a band of Coldplay's stature hits the road and creating something visually new and exciting is a constant challenge, but it is one that production designer Paul Normandale is more than equal to. 

A very elegant and evocative cascading light show complimented the show ,pure genius

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